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Career Change – Megan Cook Wellness

Career Change

Become a health coach today!

Take The Leap!

I’m seeking those passionate about health, nutrition and fitness to join the team and help support clients in achieving their health goals!

Key Benefits

  • Flexible hours.
  • Generous pay.
  • Training provided.

Create A New You

I’ve helped hundreds of people achieve their fitness, diet and health goals with my effective transformation plans.

Transform Your Body

Improve yourself as you begin to change the lives of others. Discover your full potential!


Are You Ready?

You will be trained on all aspects of this position so no prior experience is required. Must be teachable and willing to work.

Description of Responsibilities:

Your job as a health coach is to know your client: his/her needs, goals, strengths, and limitations.

Building a solid foundation of trust and rapport is essential to leading your client to achieve his/her best self.

Provide advice, recommendations, meal plans & product suggestions and strategies to fuel and enrich your clients and members’ healthy way of life.

Learning and utilizing the wellness profile is the tool used to uncover your client’s uniqueness and build a lasting relationship. You will commit to mastering this tool and using it 100% of the time to determine whether or not you will take a client on.

Promote activities, events and programs to keep our members engaged in healthy and entertaining ways.

All of our wellness programs are complimentary to our clients.

These activities include Weight Management Coaching, Nutrition Education and various Social Events.

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