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Common FAQs – Megan Cook Wellness

Check out some of my commonly asked questions here. Then let's get in touch!


How can I lose weight with your program?

I create a customized nutrition plan based on your goals and macro needs. We have weekly accountability meetings and tweak as necessary.

What supplements do you recommend?

The supplements I use with my clients are from Herbalife Nutrition, the #1 Global Nutrition company. With a team of nobel laureates in medicine, world’s best doctors and exposure in 94 countries, these products are top notch.

How can I become a nutritional health coach?

I offer one-on-one training to help all my coaches achieve the highest success! Local or long distance I have an online system with all materials to get you started. I am available 24/7 for my coaches. Fill out the contact form on this site or email theprincessoftheprotein@gmail.com

Information & Resources

How can I contact Megan?

Megan is available through email, FB and Instagram. She will respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.




Can I send Megan a product for review or a gift?

For all business and promotional inquires, please email theprincessofprotein@gmail.com

When is your next event?

Training events are hosted once a month globally. Please visit www.bostonsts.com to see a detailed list of all upcoming events.


I'm raising money for charity, can Megan help?

Yes!! One major goal of Megan’s is to help others be more active in their community and make a difference thorough their health coaching businesses. Email all inquiries to theprincessofprotein@gmail.com