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How water can make you gain weight – Megan Cook Wellness

How water can make you gain weight

Why Not Drinking Enough Water can Cause you to Gain Weight

You’ve come this far. Eating a balanced diet while exercising 3-5 times per week, living the fitness life most of as aspire to reach. Slowly becoming a morning person, drinking kale smoothies, and sharing gym memes. But then, you step on the scale and you’ve gained 3-5 pounds after a month of sweat and avoiding pizza at all costs. I know it’s easy to feel discouraged but don’t. This might seem simple, but not drinking enough water in most cases like the one shown, is the cause of your weight gain. Don’t believe me? Check out the four key reasons below on why not drinking enough water can cause you to gain weight. 

  1. A common misconception is that when we feel we need to fuel up or when our stomach starts to rumble, we must be hungry. This is far from the truth. Most of the time that feeling is your body telling you that you’re thirsty. So before you grab that extra chicken breast, try drinking a glass of water instead because if you go for more food than you need, it increases your chances of weight gain. 
  2. Drinking a good amount of water breaks down stored fats. In fact, studies have shown that not drinking enough water adds on more fat storage in your body. The solution? Drink your water.
  3. Every body type comes with certain needs. An overweight person on average needs to drink more water than someone who’s not overweight. Who knew? This is because someone that is overweight can and should generally consume more since their metabolic capacity is greater. The general rule of thumb is that for every 25 pounds someone is overweight, they should drink one more glass of water than the recommended amount.
  4. One of the biggest issues of not drinking enough water is water retention. When you don’t drink enough water, your body immediately steps into dehydration mode. Since we’re human, we quench extreme thirst (not that kind of thirst) by drinking more water. Our bodies are already in dehydration so all that water you drank gets built up in your body. No you won’t turn into a water bubble, but your feet and ankles may suffer. How is this related to weight loss you may ask? With water retention, comes blocked fat storage that can’t exit your body. Aka, even with all those fat burning exercises you’ve been doing, your body could possibly burn only a small portion of fat because of the water retention.

Hopefully from reading this article you’re more aware of why not drinking enough water can cause you weight gain. I know, I know, this is just another aspect of fitness to check track of. But don’t dismiss it because it’s a big one. So if you just drink at 6-8 glasses of water per day you’ll possibly avoid weight gain as well as be one step closer to your dream body.


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