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Meal Prep 101 | How to Plan and Execute – Megan Cook Wellness

Meal Prep 101 | How to Plan and Execute


It always starts out so promising and it’s a wonderful two weeks of progress and positivity! Going to the gym every day, waking up on time, drinking more water and less alcohol…etc. Then one day the alarm doesn’t go off and you remember it’s date night with the in-laws and that bottle of Prosecco sounds pretty damn good. The magic begins to fade and as life sets in we realize that it’s easier to ditch the new habits and indulge in the old vices.

But what if there was one change you could make this year to better your health that was actually simple to keep up with? I’m talking meal prep, baby, and you don’t have to be Gordon Ramsay to make something enjoyable. Here’s the cheat sheet.

Rule #1. PLAN

This is the most important step in the process, f this up and you might as well be throwing your time (and money) into the garbage. As with any good idea, preparation is key. You must have a plan before you go to the grocery store. Otherwise you’ll end up browsing the aisles and probably buying more snacks and fun food, or get so overwhelmed that you run out of the store and into the McDonalds across the street. So know what you want your meals to be. Plan to cook 3-4 days worth of food at a time because you don’t want the food to spoil and by day 3 you’ll be ready for a different dish. Foodnetwork your heart out and find some killer recipes!

Pro-tip: Don’t go food shopping on a hungry stomach. Just don’t do. Trust me on that one.

Rule #2. A little time today goes a long way tomorrow.

The whole purpose behind prepping meals is to save time during the week. Pick a day (or night) and dedicate a few hours to cooking, cutting and packaging your foods so that they are ready for the days to come. You can map out how long you’ll be spending in the kitchen if you’ve planned properly!

Rule #3. EXECUTE

This is where you get to be creative! You can prep your meat for the week and then just cook what you’ll need for a couple days. Marinate your protein and then stick it in the freezer for the next cooking day. (Again, it goes back to planning) If you’re up for the challenge – multitask! Boil some eggs while you bake the chicken or make up a batch of overnight oats while the sauce is simmering. This is really the easy part. Once you’ve got the planning stage down, you’re in the home stretch. Kick up your feet while everything’s in the oven and go over the list of bullsh*t goals you didn’t even attempt last year. It’s fun, really.

And don’t worry too much if you’re domestically handicapped like me, just feed the screw ups to the dog.

If you’re feeling inspired but can’t come up with some cool recipes, let me know and I’ll share some of my favorites!

Talk soon,


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