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Acne free in 24 hours | 3 Simple Steps – Megan Cook Wellness

Acne free in 24 hours | 3 Simple Steps

Ok ladies, listen up! I’m about to get real.

I have nodule and cystic hormonal acne. It sucks.

Sometime between my freshman and sophomore year of high school my body decided that my chin would become a viral breeding ground for hard bumps and red oozy things. Cute, right?  Oh, did I mention painful? Like so painful that I would wake out of a dead sleep if I brushed over one of my cysts? No? Well yeah, painful. Yay.

I used to hide my face in pictures and avoid going out with friends because I felt embarrassed and disgusting. I would even feel the need to seclude myself at family parties because I was the only one in the family to ever experience skin issues. I remember babysitting one afternoon for my neighbors daughter and her asking me what happened to my chin and forehead. I went home afterwards and cried. Oh, the trail of tears that was 2009-2012.

I was slowly making changes to my diet and lifestyle but it seemed like no matter how much water I drank, veggies I ate and toothpaste I put on my face, I saw no improvement. I learned how to slay the makeup game but that ish is expensive and I actually felt worse knowing that every day I couldn’t leave the house without first disguising myself. Finally my junior year of high school I caved and sought medical attention.


Just like that I was prescribed a magic pill to bloc my androgens (extra male hormones) from producing.TMI? IDK. Whatever. i was prescribed the almighty Spironolactone and it’s been very good to me. 3 months later – CLEAR SKIN. Again I cried, but a happy cry because for once I could wake up and feel “ok looking” not beautiful, (that happened later in life once I stopped worrying about what the f*ck everyone else thought of me)…but I was comfortable with my appearance. The feeling is almost unexplainable.

Fast forward to 7 1/2 years later..

I’m SO over the medicine thing. Long terms affects of being on a medication this strong are not ideal and I don’t want my body to become dependent on a drug I might not have access to in the future. I’ve made so many amazing changes to my lifestyle that being on a prescription doesn’t suit my body anymore. Now, I’m not saying that everyone should throw their meds out the window like we’re in a crazy house- just sharing how I feel and what I’ve decided for me. In the past I’ve tried to get off the medicine but my acne has come back more aggressive and destroyed my self esteem. This year I decided once and for all to kick the medicine and figure out a solution.

Because my acne is an internal problem, it’s going to be much harder..BUT I DID IT. In fact, I did it in 24 hours using 3 things. I’ll tell you exactly how below! None of this is endorsed, BTW – I honestly just freakin’ need to tell you guys about this victory.

I’m not saying this will work for anyone, this is just my experience. However, my acne is so aggressive that I’m in shock. This shot is from my Instagram; I’ve been using the story function to give little tips and inspo so check me out at @theprincessofprotein if you think I can send some <3 your way!

1. The first thing I did was exfoliate my face with Cup o’ Coffee from Lush. So soooo amazing and feels great! It’s made from coffee grounds and agave so it’s super soothing but also abrasive. Pretty cool, huh?

Here’s the link if you want to check it out! LUSH FACE MASK. I got all the gunky stuff off my face and set the foundation for the worlds greatest face mask. This is the HOLY GRAIL of any face mask I have ever used. Herbalife just came out with an acne line that is just so wonderful… it’s formulated with salicylic acid so it dries that ish right up. Normally things with salicylic acid in it hasn’t done anything for me, but this skincare line has other amazing ingredients that actually heal the acne and keep it away. Even the lotion has drying properties while it’s moisturizing. Like wtf? Here’s the link to my Herbalife page if you want to check that out too! MEGANS HERBALIFE SITE.

2. So I followed up the Cup O’ Coffee with my Clearify clay mask, waited 10 minutes and hopped in the shower. All that nasty stuff came up from the surface so I used my comedone extractor (little metal wand you push on your skin to extract all the puss and blackheads) and pushed as hard as I could! I had a cyst forming that day and those usually last around 5 weeks but this mask brought it out. Still in shock. I actually called my boyfriend into the bathroom to show him how I popped the cyst. Bless him.

Then I washed my face with the Clearify face wash, using my Clarisonic!

Hands down best tool for washing your face, if you don’t have one stop reading this post and get one right now. Seriously.

3. Then I moisturized my face with the Clearify lotion and used the spot treatment. In the morning all my spots had dried up! It almost doesn’t seem possible but it literally happened. Pimples, meet your match! This is like super TMI, but what’s a girl to do she discovers a technique so amazing?!

So that’s my not-so-quick post about my poor chin and the struggle. This hasn’t cured my acne in any sense because my problem is internal. However, it keeps the pimples and bumps away, and that’s sufficient for me. I feel so happy! It’s been three days of feeling confident and powerful! Let me know if any of you ladies struggle with this same issue and need to talk about it. I know your pain and I’ve been there. And if you have, try this out and it just may work for you!

If you have made it to the end of this post, thanks for taking the time to read! <3

Love you all. Talk soon,


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